About Drew

about drew lenman

Drew Lenman is a commercial photographer from Adelaide, South Australia.

He thrives on crafting his construction and architectural images through artful composition as well as graphic time-lapse photography.

As an accredited Master of Photography by the AIPP, he draws on years of experience in doing something he truly loves.

As co-owner for 40 years of Orange Lane Studios in the Adelaide suburb of Norwood, Drew and his business partner Mike Connell managed many of South Australia’s high profile photographic campaigns in conjunction with major advertising agencies.

After being involved in many significant SA building projects from the Adelaide Oval redevelopment and the construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, along with several city hotels, he has now illustrated, somewhat ironically, just how devastatingly such architectural excellence can be destroyed.

Ever since learning about the war in Ukraine, Drew knew he needed to use his craft to raise awareness about the plight of Ukrainian families.

This lateral approach has been created to do just that.

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